As a full-service concrete company in your area, we provide a range of installation services for patios.


We can replace aging patios with a concrete patio to enhance your outdoor living and create a fresh gathering space for occasions with family and friends. A durable patio material, connected to your home or in your backyard under a pergola, can increase your property’s comfort and improve its curb appeal.


Thanks to the versatility of concrete, a new patio design can be chosen from numerous options. Some of the most common designs we use are stamped, stained, and scored concrete as well as aggregate finishes and polished concrete.

Stamped Concrete: This technique involves stamping patterns onto freshly poured concrete to mimic the appearance of other materials such as brick, stone, or tile. Stamped concrete can create a wide range of designs, from intricate patterns to simple textures. It provides a cost-effective way to achieve the look of more expensive materials.

Stained Concrete: Concrete staining involves applying translucent or semi-transparent stains to the surface of cured concrete. It can create a rich, vibrant, and variegated appearance, enhancing the natural beauty of the concrete. Stained concrete allows for a range of colors and can be combined with scoring or engraving techniques to create custom designs or patterns.

Scored Concrete: Scoring concrete involves cutting shallow grooves or lines into the surface to create geometric patterns, borders, or other decorative elements. The lines can be straight, curved, or even freeform, allowing for endless design possibilities. Scored concrete can be combined with staining or colored sealants to enhance the visual impact.

Aggregate Finishes: Exposed aggregate finishes involve removing the top layer of concrete to reveal the embedded stones or aggregates, resulting in a textured and visually appealing surface. Aggregates can vary in color, size, and shape, offering a range of design options. This finish is durable, slip-resistant, and can be combined with other decorative techniques.

Polished Concrete: Polished concrete provides a sleek and contemporary look. It involves grinding and polishing the concrete surface to a smooth, reflective finish. Polished concrete can be left as is or enhanced with dyes or stains to add color and depth. It offers a modern and low-maintenance design option for concrete patios.

Concrete Pavers: Instead of pouring a solid concrete slab, individual concrete pavers can be used to create a patio. Concrete pavers come in various shapes, sizes, and finishes, allowing for a wide range of design possibilities. They can be arranged in different patterns, such as herringbone, basket weave, or running bond, to create visually appealing patio designs.

Borders and Inlays: Adding decorative borders or inlays to a concrete patio can create visual interest and define different areas within the space. Borders can be achieved through contrasting colors, stamped patterns, or different textures. Inlays can include decorative motifs, logos, or customized designs, allowing for a personalized touch.

Remember that these design options can be combined and customized to suit your preferences and complement the overall style of your outdoor space. It's always a good idea to consult with a professional concrete contractor or designer to explore design possibilities and ensure proper installation and finishing techniques.



While you’re evaluating options for new patio installation for your Pflugerville home, tell us about your needs and goals. Also, let us know how you found us. We will provide a free estimate and schedule a time for our services.


Because of valuable feedback from Jupiter residents like you, we can continue to improve our services. Please contact us immediately if you have any feedback on the specific concrete repair or installation project that we completed at your home. Your positive feedback on social media and review sites is much appreciated. Letting your neighbors know about your interaction with our professionals and the results of the repairs or installation is a valuable resource for other Jupiter residents when they begin looking for local concrete services.

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