As a full-service concrete company in your area, we provide decorative concrete as one of our many installation and repair services. When considering decorative concrete, it is important to work with experienced concrete contractors like us who specialize in decorative applications. We can guide you through all the design options, recommend the best techniques and materials for your specific project, and help you achieve the highly desired aesthetic effect.


We recommend decorative concrete as the design options to enhance the appearance of your surfaces come in numerous options. If you’re exploring decorative concrete for the first time, here are some design options to consider.

Stamped Concrete: Stamped concrete is a technique that allows you to replicate the look of various materials such as stone, brick, tile, or wood. Through the use of specialized stamping mats or patterns, textures and patterns are imprinted onto the freshly poured or overlayed concrete. This provides a cost-effective way to achieve the appearance of more expensive materials while retaining the durability and versatility of concrete.

Stained Concrete: Concrete staining involves applying a translucent or semi-translucent color to the concrete surface. Acid-based stains react with the concrete to create unique and mottled color effects, while water-based stains offer a broader range of color options. Stained concrete can create a rich and vibrant appearance, adding depth and character to the surface.

Colored Concrete: Integral color or surface-applied colorants can be added to the concrete mix to achieve a specific color. This allows you to customize the color of the concrete to match your design preferences or complement the surrounding environment. Colored concrete provides a uniform and long-lasting color throughout the entire concrete surface.

Exposed Aggregate: Exposed aggregate finishes involve removing the top layer of concrete to reveal the embedded aggregates (stones, pebbles, or decorative aggregates). This technique creates a textured and visually interesting surface that can add depth and visual appeal to the concrete. Aggregates can be chosen in various colors, sizes, and types to create different design effects.

Polished Concrete: Polished concrete is achieved by mechanically grinding and polishing the concrete surface to a smooth and glossy finish. This process enhances the natural beauty of the concrete by exposing the aggregate and creating a reflective surface. Polished concrete can be customized with different levels of sheen and can even incorporate decorative scoring or patterns.

Engraved or Scored Patterns: Concrete surfaces can be engraved or scored to create custom patterns, borders, or decorative designs. Engraving or scoring can be done with specialized tools or saws, allowing for the creation of intricate and personalized designs on the surface of the concrete.

Textured Finishes: Various texturing techniques can be applied to the concrete surface to provide slip resistance, enhance safety, and add visual interest. These techniques include broom finishes, troweled finishes, or textured overlays, creating unique textures and patterns that enhance the overall design.

Custom Inlays and Borders: Decorative elements such as custom inlays, borders, or logos can be incorporated into the concrete surface. These can be created using different materials like contrasting colored concrete, stones, or tiles, allowing for a personalized touch and unique design features.



While you’re evaluating options for decorative concrete on your Pflugerville property, tell us about your needs and goals. Also, let us know how you found us. We will provide a free estimate and schedule a time for our services.


Because of valuable feedback from Jupiter residents like you, we can continue to improve our services. Please contact us immediately if you have any feedback on the specific concrete repair or installation project that we completed at your home. Your positive feedback on social media and review sites is much appreciated. Letting your neighbors know about your interaction with our professionals and the results of the repairs or installation is a valuable resource for other Jupiter residents when they begin looking for local concrete services.

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